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My Food Plan

December 20th, 2007 at 12:48 am

My food plan is quite perfect for me. I live with my boyfriend and I cook as much as possible for the both of us. When we first moved in together, back in June, it was hard to figure out how to make the food part work. He had been living by himself for about 3 years and I had been living with a roommate who had no common culinary interests with me so we both in our own ways got used to living off of mac and cheese, or going out. I could never get the hang of cooking just for myself.

So what we have ended up doing is trading off on the shopping trips. On week 1, I will go shopping on and pay for it out of my pocket, and (theoretically...) on week 2 my boyfriend will come along with me as I buy what we need and will pay the bill when we are done. And so forth. Really it's easier for us this way because we share everything! I'll plan the menus for the upcoming days and just get what we need. It's ended up that my boyfriend will just forgo coming with me and will just pay me back later, which is great for me because it's tons less stressful without him hovering over me saying, "Do we really need that?" or "What's that really for?" and it ends up being relatively even, about $60 or 70 comes out of my pocket for food every other week, and that includes lunch! With just the two of us, I can make a little more for leftovers.

The most important part of this shopping is to never go without a list! We have set up a revolving list on

Text is Google Docs and Link is
Google Docs as a spreadsheet that we both share and through out the week either one of us can add stuff to it that we want or the apartment needs. Then before I head out I just print it and go. Nothing that's extreme ever gets added. But I can say, every once and while I'll notice "ice cream sandwiches" have been added... Smile

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  1. sagegirl Says:

    Caroline--I agree with the list making. I made a spreadsheet with things I would normally buy and then just high-light the things I need based on my meal plan. I try to sit down on Friday night and plan my meals for the next week. Then based on the menus I highlight my list and go shop on Saturday. I do much better when I go by mself rather than having my hubby and two kids along. With them, non-list items tend to get hidden in the cart where Mom can't see them!!!

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