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December 23rd, 2007 at 11:55 pm

I had a bunch of no spend days this week! Let's see, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were all no spend days. Saturday could have been a no spend day but I had to pay Wachovia my car loan installment, $300.

It's been pretty hard not to spend more, since it's the holidays and I live across the street from one of the biggest shopping malls in the area, I really want to just jump in the fray and starting shopping.

Money things coming up:

I have to go grocery shopping for some food for our little christmas day dinner. Since Hanukkah is all over and we have off on Tuesday anyways I thought we might as well cook ourselves our own little feast, maybe roast a little chicken, make some mashed potatoes, it's either that or go out.

We also have our trip for New Years next week. We're heading up to DC for the weekend and then up to Delaware-- we're going to Dogfish Head Brewery, to ring in the new year so it should be fun. The hotel in DC is covered by Mariott points and I think the boyfriend is paying for our half of the hotel in Delaware, we're going with another couple so it helps offsets costs. But I'm sure I'll pay my share of food and drinks.

I think those are the only big spending things coming up.

In checking: $631.46

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