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Shopping and Spending...

December 26th, 2007 at 03:23 pm

So that little shopping trip I had planned went way over budget! Let's see:

At Target for various things around the apt, (shower curtain, mattress pad, some food, etc) Total= $95.11.

Next I went to the mall and visited Aveda and Bath and Body Works. For gifts, at Aveda I spent $9.61 and at B+B Works I spent $12.81. Total= $22.42.

Then I went to Whole Foods for more food items, like a little chicken, specialty beer, and cheese. Total= $34.39

Of course no spending day is complete without a trip to the bar. I decided I would treat the boyfriend to some beers since he's been so great and maybe it was my turn to pay, so we went to a bar at Brightleaf in Durham. Total= $25.19, including tip.

That was all on Monday!

On Christmas, since we were bored, we went to the movies and saw National Treasure. Total= $13.50 for two tickets.

Top that off with a monthly donation to WUNC, my NPR station, Total= $10.


Left in Checking = $430.85

Next Pay Day 28 Dec 07

Things I need to do
1. Make a weekly budget and keep to it
2. Add whatever is left over in checking to iGO savings on the 28th.

3 Responses to “Shopping and Spending...”

  1. merch Says:

    Holidays are really tough. Once you have the budget done (could be a monthly budget), you should break it down into how you are going to fund the budget.

    Let's say you are paid weekly. What part of which paycheck goes to rent, car, utilities, etc.? In other words, you need to try to match the inflows to the expected outflows.

    Also, you should put in a line item for fun money. That way you won't feel like you are depriving yourself. I have 2 food categories on my budget (eating out and groceries), vacation fund, and blow money.

    Good luck.

  2. koppur Says:

    one thing you might want to try is instead of mving whatever is left over into your savings, add a line to your budget for savings, This is the "Pay Yourself First" method and it works a lot better. Honestly how often do we have money left over every month? If you pay yourself first, you can make it a point to save a certain amount each month, then anything left over can be an extra amount in the savings. Good luck!

  3. Caroline Says:

    My first attempt to "pay myself first" kinda failed, that's a whole 'nother post. I'm going to try it again with my next paycheck.

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