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March Spending Plan

February 29th, 2008 at 01:20 pm

I forgot to post my Febuary Spending Plan but here's my March Plan. When I get time maybe I'll post my Feb Plan with all my updated unforseen expenses. I was sick for the last half of Feb so my pay will be down a bit in March.

Wk 1 March 1-7
Rent $462.5
Apt Bills $0 (will update when I get info)

Wk 2 March 8-14
CFI $235 (mail March 8)

Wk 3 March 15-21
AT CC $115 (March 19) Final PMT
Car $261 (March 19)

Wk 4 March 22-31
BCBS $163.84 (March 28)
Roth IRA $400 (March 25)
NPR $25 (March 26)

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